12th Annual Reel Music Festival at Durham College

Published On March 15, 2012 | By Megan Oquias | Featured Artists

Reel Music Festival

Music Marketing students at Durham College are throwing their 12th annual Reel Music Festival. This event showcases a wide spectrum of musical genres ranging from Dubstep to Punk and everything in between. Really, what better way to put your newfound industry knowledge to practice than to organize, promote and run your own music festival?
This year’s performers include Rebel Emergency, Brighter Brightest, Patrick Dorie and many more. The whole event culminates to an evening that is called “Paint Satrick’s Day” – a closing night show where The Dirty Nil, The Sweet Mack, and our good pals Teenage Kicks and Topanga are all on the roster to play.

Over the course of 4 days, over 20 musical acts will perform and 7 different conferences will take place at the campus and in the Durham region. “Our main demographic is the student at Durham and UOIT-It’s attached to the college-but we’ve been trying to hit a bit of a younger (public) audience with bus ads and the regular crowd at each of the venues,” remarks Casey Norris, second year Music Management Student and one of the main organizers of the event. “Most of the bands now have tickets to sell themselves so it’s a lot of word of mouth and self promotion to grab people from outside the school since we have a huge population here to hit ourselves.” With the networking aid of the Profs in the program, a number of industry folks have been personally invited as well.

The topics of discussion that are outlined in the conference schedule are particularly appealing; one cleverly titled “Demo Derby” gives local artists the opportunity to submit their demo recordings to be critiqued by industry professionals. Other conferences include discussions on Tour Management and the Future of the Music Industry as we see it evolving.

For a full schedule of events please visit http://www.reelmusicfestival.com.

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