The music scene in Toronto is growing faster than ever, and we’re here to keep you up to date on the amazing artists that come in and out of this city! In attempts to bring to the web an honest, non-elitist perspective, we offer a fresh outlook on the local music scene.

Genevieve Lui (Founder)

With a passion for live music and photography, Genevieve has quickly immersed herself in concert photography. After looking around for music review sites with photography job openings, she decided that in order to get her work out there, she would have to take a risk and set up shop! Having visited a plethora of music sites, she noticed that so many of them take stances that seem “elitist” and have a know-it-all attitude. This is her attempt to offer something everyone can relate to.


Current Contributors

Aidan Denison (Writer)

Cristina Dirlea (Writer)

Reade Domazar (Writer)

Danny Hamilton (Writer)

Jeff Karpala (Photographer)

Megan Oquias (Writer)