Actors and Architects, And Then Some

Published On April 8, 2010 | By admin | Live

I have high hopes for Actors and Architects. The self-described “rock progressive band” was one of seven artists performing at the Drake Hotel’s Elvis Monday on March 29th, and the fourth to take the stage. The band had the audience up and excited throughout their 6-song set, though I wonder whether this was a result of being Toronto-based or an effective response to the performance itself. That said, their performance that night was definitely an enjoyable one.

The band settled on stage with a slightly cocky but engaging persona. Without introducing themselves first, they launched into their first song “Disposition,” following through with a confident yet slightly-controlled energy.

It was evident, particularly when they performed “In & Out,” that Actors and Architects has a loyal following; several times during their set I saw audience members singing along to the lyrics.  Lead singer and guitar player Aaron Morris tried to entertain in between songs as well, talking briefly about problems with his cell phone. I can’t really decide whether these attempts to build rapport with the audience worked or not. Still, he belted out the lyrics with power, and regardless, the band’s collective sound was loud and consuming, making for a memorable performance.

Taking all this into consideration, I have yet to reach a conclusive judgment on Actors and Architects. They have a lot of room for growth, which I believe is a good thing. The band is barely a year old and probably hasn’t peaked yet, meaning they have a lot of potential and can – and likely will – get better with time. I’m looking forward to watching them perform again, and see what else they’re capable of onstage.


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