ALL CAPS! Island Festival

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All Caps! Island Festival

All Caps! Island Festival

Well…wow. This is one spectacular event, generously brought to us by Wavelength and hosted and the hospitable Artscape Gibraltar Point. This is the only time of year people can camp on the island and despite the weather it was a delight. As it was a traditionally windy Toronto Saturday all musicians were asked to play indoors in fear of the stage collapsing. This was of course a disappointment as the room inside is not as conducive to a larger audience, however everyone made it work including audience members chaotically stomping around for a piece of ground that could offer them sight towards the magic and mayhem taking place on stage.

Triple Gangers

The festival started with the charming three-piece Triple Gangers who, as usual, swooned the audience into ethereal sediments. They were followed by a number of gems most notably Iowas’ delicious drone duo Wet Hair and Choir! Choir! Choir!–the only band that could make TLC’s “Waterfalls” sound charming. Additionally, charming and the highly anticipated YAMANTAKA // Sonic Titan who shut all of us festival ramblers the fuck up and left us planted, silent and in veneration.

Wet Hair

Maylee Todd

Yamantaka//Sonic Titan

I approached Day Two like it was a heaping delicious plate of leftovers yet it was notably authentic and entirely different. There were certainly less people present as many stayed up till dawn swimming or went back to city slicking and didn’t make the trip out to the Island a sequel.

All Caps! Island Festival

All Caps! Island Festival

There were a great deal of time to learn about the artists at Artspace who are doing a residency and practicing their craft there. When the afternoon struck I was pleased to watch catch more music on the outdoor stage before the moon became our main unit for light. The standouts from Sunday were the exuberantly non-pretentious Absolutely Free, who were absolutely fabulous to talk to afterwards, along with the mind bending A Place to Bury Strangers who finished the festival off with a perfect taste in my mouth.

Absolutely Free

OG Melody


A Place to Bury Strangers

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