Hello world!

by admin | 31st March 2013

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! Read More

Edgefest 2012: Billy Talent, Death From Above 1979, USS & more!

by Megan Oquias | 18th July 2012

Equipped with water, sunglasses, comfortable shoes and a positive attitude I was ready to take on Edgefest this past weekend. I forgot sun block, so aside from some awesome show memories and some shocking interview stories, I have some wicked sunburns as souvenirs. We bee-lined it for the side stage upon arrival for Acres of Lions’ [...] Read More

CONTEST: #SublimeSummer Giveaway

by Genevieve Lui | 6th July 2012

102.1 The Edge and Union Events is keeping your summer busy with yet another great outdoor show! Sublime with Rome–part Sublime, part Rome Ramirez–is playing our great city for the first time since 2010, and they’re pulling out all the stops for a solid show.  Supporting the band are Pepper, The Wailers, and your very [...] Read More

Fade Chromatic – Self-Titled

by Megan Oquias | 6th July 2012

Pop-rock licks and catchy rhythms are the makings for a solid foundation of Fade Chromatic’s 5-track Self-Titled album. Something needs to be said about a band that is admittedly of a pop-rock genre in a city that’s dominated (or in some cases, infested with) indie/hipster rockers. The album starts strong with the single, “Wind Up [...] Read More

NXNE Day 4: Backyard BBQ and Great Music

by Aidan Denison | 4th July 2012

My last day of NXNE involved far less commuting.  To be exact, it involved at walk to my backyard.  One of the benefits (among many) of living above accomplished musicians is that you are regularly treated to hearing great music on a regular basis.  Sometimes this music comes in the form of organized backyard concerts, as it did on [...] Read More

NXNE Day 3: Lixar Showcase @ The Garrison

by Genevieve Lui | 2nd July 2012

Bands: Art vs. Science, Daughn Gibson, Doldrums, Peter Kernel & Yamantaka // Sonic Titan Read More

NXNE Day 2: You've Changed Records Showcase

by Aidan Denison | 1st July 2012

The second night of NXNE started with a pre-game nap after work, I had a date with the You’ve Changed Records showcase at the lower theatre in the Great Hall and wanted to be well rested.  Unfortunately for me I failed to set the alarm on my phone properly and awoke at 9:20 PM, 20 [...] Read More

NXNE Day 3: Pounding Pavement on Queen West w/ Dan Griffin, The Coppertone, and more!

by Aidan Denison | 1st July 2012

The weekend had begun officially, but the work was not done.  Well to be fair, attending concerts and writing my random thoughts down about them isn’t exactly work.  Regardless I had a date with the Drake Underground again to begin a night that would involve a lot walking, no, marching up and down Queen West. [...] Read More

A Conversation With: The Elwins

by Megan Oquias | 26th June 2012

While they were having a quick bite to eat with friends at the Choo Choo Diner before sound-checking for the show at the Phoenix The Elwins were nice enough to let me invade their dinner to ask them a few questions. We discussed their latest album release, musical collaborations and their quirky promo vids. These guys [...] Read More

Zeus w/ Two Hours Traffic & The Elwins at The Phoenix

by Megan Oquias | 24th June 2012

This was my third time seeing The Elwins play. I always have a great time at their shows. The level of skill in their musicianship is unmatched by any other band within their class, which allows them to play in with a relaxed, friendly demeanor that makes them all the more likeable. Don’t get me [...] Read More

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