CMW 2012 Day Two: Racho Relaxo for Two Way Monologue and Green Shades Showcase

Published On March 26, 2012 | By Megan Oquias | cmw 2012, Live, Reviews

Mimi Cry

Band 7: Mimi Cry. Let’s not lie to ourselves people, we are a generation that still acknowledges that 90’s alternative rock was the shit. Raspy yet somehow pop style vocals with slightly distorted guitar and high hat filled drumming. Imagine that and you’ll have Mimi Cry. I have to admit I strolled in a little late for my night two adventures but was pleased with what I was able to catch. Nothing to these guys, just alt rock tunage rich with that sweet familiarity of our teen years. Though these guys did seem rather young, their sound was nostalgic for those of us in the proper age bracket.


I feel like double keyboards is something I’m going to come across quite a bit over the next fee days. Band 8: Fillagrove is band número 3 to support this observation. These guys made me think that there is a recent uproar in country-like rock bands lately. You know the sound I’m talking about; that sort of swaggery, seemingly southern, almost gospel influence type of scene. I feel like their first song was 7 minutes long. Now there’s two ways you can look at that statement: 1. I was so captivated by their performance that I was in some sort of musical trance where time seemed to stop. Or, not a whole lot was going on and things seem to drag on a little. You decide. I thought I had ‘me pegged after the first couple songs, then, by the fourth song, they whipped out this catchy, keys driven number that was nicely punctuated by a twangy guitar and a rough cut bass. They played a bit of a sloppy rendition of Nirvana’s “In Bloom”. The bass was somehow tinny-maybe that was a levels issue but it was an underlying issue that bugged me throughout the set. There were times where I could only hear bass and no guitar. Breakdown in their second last tune had an impressive key solo, followed by an intricate call and answer between guitar and bass along with a big finish.

Parks & Rec

Band 9: Parks & Rec. I first saw Parks & Rec about 2 years ago at Duffy’s Tavern (fun fact, it was the first review I was asked to do for The Take Media). Charles won me over then with his painstakingly melodic, pleading vocals. I love how they’re not afraid to play with octaves between guitar parts. Their dreamy, gentle melodies just held me in a serene state, I couldn’t look away. Their slightly more edgy breakdowns were all the more satisfying because of these serene build-ups. Their performance is so versatile that you could find contentment whether you were to dance along or just sit back and watch. They made me feel like I was on the verge of Summer, and that feels great. Finger picking is a lost art; it’s also something that these dudes are killer at. Ended on Barcelona after taking the time to thank the promoter, Dan Wolovick, and the volunteers–calling them the lifeblood of the festival and his captivated audience.

Jane's Party

Band 10: Jane’s Party. This is my 4th time reviewing Jane’s Party. I had the luxury of creating my own schedule for CMW this year and not even a word of a lie, I made my Friday night sched revolve around being able to catch these guys. Everyone should see them live at least once. The songs are lyrically relatable and wonderfully accessible. They just know how to make a crowd swoon and give in to the toe tapping fun. Everyone seemed to be calmly captivated. It pains me to say it but, comparatively to their EP release at the Horseshoe or even their NXNE performance there was a bit of a disconnect between the band and the crowd. A noticeable lower level of energy as well. Regardless of such they still owned the stage for their set.


Band 11: Honheehonhee. If we handed out fan favorite acknowledgements for CMW, these guys would likely be on a number of fans lists. The individuals that packed the floor at Rancho are just a testament to that. First song was apparently (and evidently) unfinished but they were far too excited that they just had to share it with everyone. They are certainly a bunch of characters, with epic facial hair and funny tees. This is my first time seeing them live. From Montreal, and were clearly very happy to be here. They are so fun and so full of energy that you can’t but help let loose. Had my first Korg sighting at the fest with these guys. They had such a sense of humor about them that just put the audience at ease and created this sense of comradery between the band and audience. Lots of fans, lots of sing-alongs and dancings (yes, dancings). They are no strangers to building a relationship with the audience that clearly loves them so much. Their level of energy seemed to be magnified because of their calmer predecessors, but all and all they still fit perfectly into the billing for the night.

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