CMW 2013 Day 4: Aidan Knight, The Danger Bees & The Town Heroes

Published On April 6, 2013 | By Megan Oquias | CMW 2013, Live, Reviews

Saturday, March 23

Aidan Knight @ The Horseshoe Tavern

Once again, The ‘Shoe was packed. It was obvious that we were in the home stretch of CMW: the crowd was collectively on zombie mode, so a fitting way to ease us into the night was a set from Aidan Knight. I felt as though Knight and his band had such a strong connection and understanding of each other that was whole-heartedly projected to any onlooker. Every little glance they shared, and every time they rode the rises and falls within the bars of music they played was shared with an appreciative crowd. The tunes were hypnotic and a wonderful dreamlike dance with obvious west coast influence.

The Danger Bees @ The Rivoli

Now I’ve seen DB play about 5 maybe 6 times now but this is my first time seeing them without Ed Kramer (former guitarist), Mike Dorton (former bassist) and James MacNeil (former drummer). Let’s just say it was an adjustment. The changes weren’t that major; slight difference in tonality of lead guitar may have been the only big difference really. The set arrangement was identical (with the exception of course of Mary Stewart joining for the last song, “Heartless Jane”)-which is probably what made the changes so much more noticeable and jarring for me. However I will say this-Dave seemed a lot more comfy than I’ve seen in the past. Better banter! More interaction with his stage mates! It was rad to see them play to a packed house at the Riv.

The Town Heroes @ The Rivoli

As a fan of bands like The Black Keys, White Stripes, DFA (yes duos) I tend to expect a lot from drum a guitar duo bands. I’m a always curious to see what they’re going to do with such a limited pairing of guitar and drums. With the support of the crowd and a set of tunes that can appeal to a rock or country crowd, these modest and appreciative dudes from Nova Scotia had the audience right where they wanted them by the second song in their set. Vocals are confidently melodic and supported by hard hitting drum lines and fills. What do you expect when you know you’re going to an east coast showcase? Yeah, I didn’t expect the bundle of awesome rock either. Fun time, and a rad way to end off my CMW shows for this year.

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