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CMW 2013: Megan’s Must See Canadian Acts

Published On March 14, 2013 | By Megan Oquias | CMW 2013

Hey everyone! It’s that time of year again-a time for celebrating and showcasing Canadian talent and 4am last calls. That’s right, next week is Canadian Music Week. Genny’s already posted her must-sees for this year, and I’ve been procrastinating because it’s been hard for me to narrow it down! Here’s who made it to the top of my picks this year:

I’ve been in love with Alright Alright since Cellar Singles 1 came out in January 2012. I’m a sucker for the bands who believe in showcasing the essentials and nothing more. Their tunes are catchy and will definitely put you in a mood for dancing with their surf-rock drum beats and fills. If you dig upbeat tempos, tight ensemble performances and supporting local acts, definitely check these dudes out.

Wednesday, 11:00pm @ Annex Live//Sunday, 9:00PM @ The Dakota Tavern

I recently reviewed Wildlife’s newest album …On The Heart. They’ve definitely won me over with their ability to cleverly manipulate the many layers of instrumentation that they bring to the table.  The first time I caught these guys live was at a very packed Horseshoe Tavern – their stage presence grabs you immediately and drops you into the abyss of a good time. On top of that, they’re headlining a rad line-up at one of my favourite venues in this city: The Great Hall. Get your asses out to this one kids, you’ll regret it if you don’t.

Thursday, 12:00am @ The Great Hall

Ages ago, when I first started writing for The Take, I crossed paths with a lovely quartet of gents from Windsor who called themselves Michou. An act with an incredibly engaging stage presence that was fun, yet confidently modest. Since then, two members have ventured onto a new project called The Walkervilles. Now, this is a bit of a gamble for me, putting them on my must-see list as I’ve never actually seen them live – here’s why I feel like it would be worth it: think Motown sound, mixed with soulful vocals but not ignoring the rock roots that are present in their overall musicianship.

Saturday, 8:30PM @ Horseshoe Tavern

Question: what makes Quentin Tarantino movies awesome? Aside from general badassery of course. If you guessed soundtracks you guessed correctly by my standards. If you like the score from Pulp Fiction or Death Proof, or even more basic than that, any score from a signature last stand-off in an old Western flick, that you’ll like the tonality and intention of a Legato Vipers set. The entirely guitar driven, again, surf-rock style, nicely punctuated with performance swag is what sets this band a part from several other competing acts on the scene right now. Also, no vocals – strictly instrumental; a bold choice worth seeing. If you don’t dig these cool cats, then I’ll eat my hat. Or y’know, buy you a soda, because hats are not edible…or delicious.

Friday, 2:00AM @ The Supermarket

Last week I marveled at Delta Will’s live performance at The Piston for his EP release show. His bravery with looping is unrivaled by any other solo artists I’ve seen. Whether you’re a tech head or not, watching D.W. piece together an intricately wound together musical foundation for each song is an artistry that can not be ignored. The songs are fresh and emotionally driven which is always something I can appreciate. Take a lover out to this show, even if it’s just for the song, ‘Infinite Potential’.

Wednesday, 9:00PM @ The Supermarket

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