CMW 2014: Underdogs Spotlight – Megan Bonnell

Published On May 9, 2014 | By Megan Oquias | Featured Artists, Live, Photos, Reviews

Continuing on with our Underdog Spotlight series, we went and caught Megan Bonnell‘s set at The Mod Club this passed Tuesday. Megan is no stranger to our site; we’ve seen her live a couple of times, but this time around it was a touch different. It was just her, and her instruments; no backing band.

I’m sad to say that I was put in a bad mood right off the bat when I was forced to pay to check my backpack. Normally I don’t bring things to a show, but I had to come straight from work to catch Megan’s set. I know, rules are rules, but I was moody. As always the Mod Club was sweltering which also didn’t help my grumpiness.

Here’s the thing though; as soon as Megan started to sing, nothing else mattered. All the negatively plaguing my thoughts instantly melted away as her beautiful voice poignantly supported by electric piano filled the room.

It pains me to say that the nearly full house she was playing to wasn’t there for her. As a result, everyone was talking, social media-ing, selfie-ing, y’know all that crap that makes an audience terrible. I actually had to relocate several times to avoid incessant chatter, maneuvering my way through the unappreciative crowd, biting my lip to refrain from telling everyone to shut up.

Megan, however, didn’t let it phase her. Instead she brought whole new meaning to the word bravery. Just her and her e-piano for some songs or her acoustic guitar for others. In her true adorable fashion, she was appreciative despite their lack of attention. She exuded confidence and poise while singing beautiful songs dripping with lament and melancholy.

Even though the chatter was constant, I did catch a few positive remarks of Bonnell, and the crowd did cheer when she said she was a Toronto native.

Playing “Hunt + Chase”, the title track of her newest album, as her closer she got the crowd to energetically clap along. She then described the song’s ending like a ‘drunken cabaret’. She thanked the crowd saying it was lovely to play a show at home to warm faces.

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