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So you’ve just experienced something shocking and you need to get away from the situation, but you’re missing one element to make your escape a little bit more ‘dramatic’, what could it be? Convoys‘ three-track EP titled GOGO/BANG might be the getaway soundtrack for you!

Good storytelling consists of: a clear vision, an exciting opening, a dramatic middle, and a satisfying ending that leaves the audience wanting for more. This is how I felt after experiencing the ‘mini movie’ that was  GOGO/BANG. Convoys did a splendid job in arranging their songs in such a way that it echoed the experience of watching a high-octane heist/pulp-fiction/romance movie in the theatre.

(recommended: listen to the album while you read this review)

Ground work: The intro immediately sets the tone for the album. As the guitars fast paced strumming is immediately interrupted by several instances of silence, we can sense that something or someone is watching…but who? Emerging out of the dark shadow behind the couch, the sexy but stalker-like bass taps a shoulder. Frightened, the guitars and drums contemplate on an escape route as the raspy vocals narrate what is to come with our intrepid trio. Let the Chase begin!

I Am Not A Robot: Hop into the convertible, slam the door, sunglasses down, punch the gear into over drive, tires screech leaving a huge cloud of sand behind. Just when our heroes thought they were safe, they hear the wailing sirens of the police car tailing them from behind. And to make things worse, the bass has caught up with our trio on her motorcycle. While arguing back and forth at the top of their lungs, both groups realize that they now have a common enemy – the cops. It’s time to work together and shake the Fuzz off our tail!

Taking Control: After working together to escape, both vehicles pull over our trio realizes that the bass, although a tad psychotic, is not that bad. As they all cock the back of their heads in laughter and jump in the air in celebration, the moment is captured in a freeze frame; upbeat, happy music kicks in and the end credits begin to roll. It is only fitting for the most uplifting, head bobbing song to be at the end of this fun journey!

With bright sounding surfer-like guitars, clean non-auto tuned raspy vocals, punchy light acoustic drums, and a seductive bass, Convoys’ GOGO/BANG brings its listening audience back to a time where good melodies, and simplicity were the highlights of music; just like a movie with a good simple story and non of the obligatory explosions for explosion’s sake. It is nice to experience music that is not focused in ’show-boating’ but instead encourages us to use our imaginations with musical accompaniment.

I highly recommend this EP and give it four 80’s freeze frames out of 5!

Stream Convoys’ GOGO/BANG on their Bandcamp.

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