En Route with Royal Canoe

Published On February 21, 2012 | By admin | Albums, Reviews

Royal Canoe - Extended Play

When you think about the prairies, what immediately comes to mind?

Banjos? Miles of wheat? Country music?

Forget those stereotypes. Manitoba rockers Royal Canoe are challenging the norm of what some may think folk and indie music is from the area. Their EP, Extended Play, was released today, and includes four interesting tracks that both echo and reject their rustic roots.

Opening track, “Hold On To The Metal” identifies the band’s sound immediately, combining electronic melodies with the metronomic beat made by drumming on a bathtub and garbage can. The singers’ voices remind me of the boys of Vampire Weekend, but due to the unusual musical accompaniment, makes them sound completely different.

My favourite track was definitely “Bathtubs”, which switches to a more groovy tune, reminding me of lazy summer days.

The other two tracks, “Bloodrush” and “Caught In A Loop” in my opinion are easily forgettable. Both are easy to listen to songs, but I couldn’t shake that I had already heard something similar in both of these tracks. Both songs use a repetition of melodies, and in particular “Caught In A Loop” almost seems to sample Vampire Weekend’s track “A-Punk”.

Overall, if you’re looking for chill out music, add Royal Canoe to your playlist. The band sounds full of potential, and if they keep pushing their unique sound found in the first couple tracks of their EP, they will be on their way to hitting something big.

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