Energetic Excellence, From the Golden Dogs

Published On April 20, 2010 | By admin | Live

The Golden Dogs know how to throw a party. On April 10th, after Huron finished their set at Lee’s Palace, I rushed over to the El Mocambo for the Golden Dogs CD Release party promoting their new album, “Coat of Arms”. This better be worth the effort, I thought, while making my way down Spadina.

It was.

I arrived about ten minutes into their performance, and it was packed. The Golden Dogs were halfway into their third song, “Cheap Umbrellas”, and they were loud and energetic; they seemed to be putting all their energy into it. What’s more, they continued playing this way throughout the entire set: Jessica was jumping up and down while on her keyboard, singing animatedly with her eyes shut tight; Dave was singing emphatically, and dancing as much as he could with his guitar strapped across his body; Taylor’s arms were a blur behind the drums and perhaps the most challenging, yet exciting, to follow visually.

The band’s energy was infectious. The audience was going wild for the new album. But when the band began playing older hits, like “Birdsong” and “Construction Worker”, the energy pumping through the audience seemed even more amped. The Golden Dogs played for over an hour, and people were dancing and tossing their heads fervently the entire time. When it was time for an encore, I heard desperate pleas for “two more songs” instead of just one.

It was evident how much preparation the Golden Dogs must have put into this into this performance. They had accompanying choirs and smoke billowing onstage, all of which contributed to a phenomenal set.

And this was only the CD Release party.


** With much-appreciated help from Luke Bowden. Click here to check out his blog.

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