Everything About Stella Ella Ola is Fun

Published On July 29, 2012 | By admin | Live, Reviews

Stella Ella Ola

Local Lo-fi, surf, garage band played their hearts out after a great array of other artists.

There is something magnetic about Stella Ella Ola, their charming approach to surf music, their short songs, their connection with the audience. Nothing is pretentious about them and they have the right to be pretentious due to authenticity, talent and front woman-Anne Douris, that exceeds the top of the babe meter.

Their performance was dripping in energy, they were present and played each song with well-crafted intention.

Everything about Stella Ella Ola is fun, similar to Jake Boyd’s other band, Hollerado. Each band member contributes something distinct and make vocal contributions; creating musical unity that contributes to the nature of their magic and mayhem.

During the concert I found myself closing my eyes to fully immerse into the nature of the songs that are perfect tiny ear worms. I would then open my eyes to remind myself how exciting they are to watch. Writing a catchy song is not an easy thing and they nail it with every one in addition to each member carrying a different kind of hypnotic stage presence.

I strongly encourage them to keep making more material as my only complaint about the concert was that it was too short. They have a perfect recipe for everything that is right about new music.

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