Farewell Cool Reason Throw a Party to Remember!

Published On April 27, 2010 | By admin | Live

Last night was the much-anticipated CD Release Party for Farewell Cool Reason’s (FCR’s) first full-length album, “Panic Don’t Panic.”  FCR had released the album on their Myspace page for everyone to stream, for free, weeks previous to the show. On the Facebook event page for the pre-release, a fan commented that the band was doing this simply “cause you want us all singing along at the show, right?” Whether this was their intention, it was exactly how it all went down.

The first opener, Everlea, went on at around 9PM, playing an acoustic set to promote their new acoustic EP to a fairly empty El Mocambo.  It wasn’t until Lost Cities took the stage that the venue began to fill-up, and fans began making their way from the bar to the vacant floor up front. After some energy-packed performances by Lost Cities, Assembleme, and Arietta, FCR took the stage close to 12:30AM. At this point not only was I tired from having enjoyed Arietta’s set a little too much, but I was weary of the crowd coming into unwanted contact with my photography equipment. But I digress.

FCR started the show with “Like a Song,” and quickly had the crowd dancing and singing along, proving that their Myspace pre-release paid off! It seemed to be a show filled with friends and family, as you could tell there was not only a deep connection between Dan (D.Rich) and his bandmates, but also with the audience.  After a couple songs, Dan walked back stage and brought out a half eaten cake and began to pass it around, to which I thought, “This is not going to go down well,” envisioning a food fight of epic proportions.

As they continued to give fans what they all came for—an emotional yet very lively performance—fans passed around cake and made a bit of a mess, while having the time of their lives! Mark Schroor offered up an entertaining drumming performance, falling over multiple times and leading the audience in clap-alongs, while DC impressed me with his melodic guitar solos and tapping skills.

During the last song, Dan asked for all his friends to jump on stage to sing along with him. While it took a while for people to make their way up, by the end of the song, people were belting out the lyrics with Dan, DC and Thom.

Despite my worries of having my camera damaged amongst all the alcohol and cake icing, I had an amazing time. FCR put on a very energetic party that had their fans and friends alike singing along to every word and throwing up their arms, dancing in excitement.

Farewell Cool Reason is not only a band of four talented friends playing catchy post-hardcore/power-pop tunes, but these guys know exactly who they are, and are in it for the right reason: the music. I know their release “Panic Don’t Panic” will be gracing my iPod playlist for a long time (it should be on yours too!), and I look forward to seeing them live again.  These guys will be around for a while and I can’t wait to see how far they go!


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