HotKid Roars and Thrills

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July 3 2010 – More people need to know about HotKid. This is the only reason I can think of for the sparse crowd at their 10″ release party, at Rancho Relaxo. If more people knew about HotKid, then their shows would be probably be packed with line-ups going out the door.

Bass Lions @ 11:00pm

Bass Lions were the second opening act (Indian Handcrafts were first, but I missed their set), and brought a very different flavor to the show. Their music was softer, and a light alternative to fast sounds of HotKid. They played trippy, folk-ish tunes laced with delicate chimes of keys or xylophones. They also had an extra drum kit (a small one) up onstage, and HotKid’s Rob Butcher joined them for a song. Overall, a satisfying performance, but it didn’t blow me away.

HotKid @ 12:00am

HotKid took the stage around midnight, and proved why they may soon cement their position amongst Toronto’s indie-rock mainstays. The two-piece filled their performance with energetic excitement (singer Shiloh Harrison jumped off the stage at one point and grinded staggering guitar riffs on the floor surrounded by people) and deliver musically with their roaring rock stylings. They began with couple of older songs (“From My Window” and “Tossin’ and Turnin’”) then plunged into a new one from their 10″: “Fake It.” A live performance of their entire 10″ (which is awesome, by the way) followed. Each song was a banging rush of frenetic drums and vociferous guitars. At the same time, each song managed to retain unique qualities: “Fake It” was decorated with ear-thrilling guitar riffs, “Dizzy” was perhaps where singer Shiloh Harrison’s vocals stood out most, and “Yours and Mine,” was a rhythmic blend of drum rolls and grungy guitar licks. Things may generally sound better on vinyl, but on this night, HotKid made their vinyl come alive.


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