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Published On September 10, 2011 | By admin | Albums, Reviews

Inlet Sound - Dream Awake

Whenever I get my hands on a new album, I immediately head out for a walk. Some might find this weird. But when it’s you, the city and the music, it causes one to focus on what’s actually going on within each song, and less on the world moving around you.

The Toronto/Hamilton-based band, Inlet Sound, may have had an escapism idea in mind when creating debut EP, Dream Awake. It features five diverse songs, sounding like each could spawn another album of another genre.

As a collective, the transitions between songs may catch you off guard, as each song sounds dramatically different from the last. For example, song “Saturday” has a more electronic feel, while “Lost Boys” has a deeper groove and a violin emerges.

However, once the echos of Inlet Sound’s guitars and voices emerge continually throughout the EP, the pieces come together.

Michael Wexler’s vocals define the word unique. He has a certain “twang” which is rustic and real, not overrun by computers and editing.

The opening track, “Sings Me to Sleep” showcases the power in his voice perfectly. He jumps in, grabs your attention, and interjects the band’s melodies. But his voice smooths out throughout the song, and in turn holds you until his last chord.

It’s safe to say that Inlet Sound sounds like a Canadian Mumford and Sons, so it’s time to give your Sigh No More album a break.

Dream Awake is the perfect way to start off the new season, with a crowd-pleasing start of songs, leaving you thinking, “That’s all? I want more.”

I was so entranced by the album during my walk that I forgot where I was, and was blocks away from where I wanted to be. Dream Awake took me away from reality, even just for an hour – who doesn’t want that little bit of mystery and escape in their busy lives?

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