NXNE Day 4: Single Mothers, Elliot Maginot, Daniel Ellsworth and The Great Lakes, Tyburn Saints & Dangerband

Published On June 17, 2013 | By Megan Oquias | Live, NXNE 2013, Reviews

Here we are, our last night of blindly choosing shows. AKA the last night of me and Jeff’s NXNE 2013 Adventure.

Single Mothers @ The Horseshoe

Craziness. Complete and utter madness. Moshing, spitting and all that wonderful stuff. Lead singer of this band scared the shit out of me; as did the power and speed of their musicianship. And these guys hail from my hometown. Heavy distortion carried by the quickest fills and mess of flailing limbs that I could only assume were playing bass and guitar was what I saw unraveling in front of me while I stood at a safe distance. I feared for Jeff’s life.Whether you are a punk fan or not, you will find something enjoyable (and maybe terrifying) in these guys’ live set.

Elliot Maginot @ The Rivoli

This was Elliot’s first show outside of Quebec. Ever. For this stand offish crowd at The Riv – we walked in and everyone was scattered along the perimeter as far away from the stage as possible – he still played his damnedest and didn’t let the slight technical difficulty get him down. Rocking an acoustic and a snare solo with a harmonica in tow, this charming folk singer worked the crowd with his catchy tunes, soulful vocals and witty banter.

Daniel Ellsworth and The Great Lakes @ Cameron House (back room)

These dudes made the trip from Nashville, therefore I feel like it can go without saying that their overall musicianship was tight. The songs were energetic, positive and filled with so many hooks; within the vocals, baselines and piano specifically. They played with so much energy and with such a strong connection to each other that it seemed to be second nature. Their songs were fresh; though familiar elements were present, the combination and delivery were new.

Tyburn Saints @ Bovine Sex Club

Based on the description on the trusty NXNE app, when I walked into Bovine, what I saw on stage was not what I was expecting. Upon first glance you’d think these guys were a alt-rock band, but what they churned out was glam rock with an electro-pop/rock feel. They were playful with each other and Bovine was the perfect setting for them that night; complete with a friendly supportive crowd.

Dangerband @ Velvet Underground

This young quintet made up of the usual band fare plus a gent on keys seemed to have a solid, enthusiastic following. I felt like I was in high school again. Their songs were all about being a teenager, as they kept saying. They played confidently and made fun of each other which made the show all the more relaxed and fun. Song wise there wasn’t much to them-pretty basic, but had some catchy moments. I feel they may have been influenced heavily by both pop-rock bands (Weezer-esque musicianship) and classic rock aficionados (think The Who). Lead guitarist sang for the last few songs and had a powerhouse of a voice.

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