NXNE Day Three: Part Two

Published On June 20, 2010 | By admin | Live, Reviews

June 18th, 2010 – I started off the third day of NXNE properly: Leif Vollebekk and Sandman Viper Command over at Sneaky Dee’s for Audio Blood and Easy Tiger‘s showcase.

Over time, us here at The Take have grown quite fond of SVC, and every time I see them, they get better. But let’s start with Leif: a singer/songwriter from Montreal, who brought along his trusty drummer, who he claims is the greatest drummer from the city. Leif has picked up immense popularity for his emotionally charged lyrics and intricate guitar (and looping) playing. Playing to an incredibly chatty crowd, Leif attempted small talk, but to little or no response from the crowd. Despite this, his music took over the room and carried listeners along with him and his storytelling.

Next was SVC, a band that brought the energy to Sneaky Dee’s. They played crowd favourites such as “Oh Yeah, It’s Fusion” and “The Metal I’ve Spent”, these guys had everyone, in the jam-packed venue, on their feet and dancing along. No doubt, these guys have the live performance that every band dreams of having, and the musical talent to carry them incredibly far in this industry. Check them out. Now.

Next, I made my way over to the Supermarket for The Reason. Now, I am a huge fan of these guys and was pretty anxious. The crowd was decent but not large, which I was surprised about as it was a Friday night. As the band began getting ready to play, I was already disappointed: they were running late, and I knew I had to leave to get to The Great Hall for The Icarus Line. They finally took the stage around quarter after and immediately burst into song. They had energy. They had musicianship. They were great! I had to leave early so I missed the tail end of the set, but from what I saw, these guys live up to their hype. I can’t wait for them to come back to Toronto so I can give them some real coverage.

To end the night (morning?), I decided to see The Icarus Line. I used to listen to them a little when I was in high school, and they were still a hardcore band, so this was different. They started late due to technical difficulties, which made my rushing over completely unnecessary. Joe Cardamone appeared on stage with a chair (which he would later stand on) and lit cigarette in hand. The hall had a strange atmosphere to it, and everyone seemed really down and just ready to crash—the energy just wasn’t there. It’s the complete opposite of what I had expected.  I was underwhelmed, to be honest. I don’t know if it was because of the music and its laid back and gloomy feel, or if it was the lack of attendees, but there was nothing to boast about here.


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