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Published On November 22, 2011 | By admin | Albums

Oh November…each year you curse us with plunging temperatures, darkness at 5 P.M., and that final rush of work before the holiday season. However, this year, November has given us Montreal-based band Honheehonhee‘s debut album, Shouts, which is one of the most eclectic and fun records I’ve gotten to listen to this year.

I will not lie, I was initially intrigued by Honheehonhee based on their band name. Others must have felt the same, because the band is currently in the running for “Best New Band Name” for CBC Radio 3′s Bucky Awards. Unlike some bands with more unusual names (which often follows with very unusual music), Honheehonhee backs up their unique title with a solid album.

Shouts is very entertaining overall, with a distinct mix of songs and sounds over the seven-track album. As many bands find their beat (pun intended) and stick with a punk, indie rock, or folk sound throughout all the tracks, Honheehonhee experiments with various styles of music, giving the listener a taste of their range.

Opening track “We Only Go” starts the album off on an interesting note, switching between fast and slow paces, and moves seamlessly into “Rumours in the Night”, which highlights Honheehonee’s vocal strength. The highlight track, “A. Is For Animal” grabs your attention with an electronic melody and heavy cymbals. Dare I say it, but there bits and pieces of the album which echo a glam-rock Bowie song; what makes Honheehonhee different is their ability to make music that flows easily from heavier beats and into the groovier sound of a folk band like The Acorn.

I can only imagine that these guys would be a wicked band see live after hearing their wild and loud album – they’ll be launching their album December 16 in Toronto at the El Mocambo. Shouts is set to release November 22.

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