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The Darcys

It’s Thanksgiving Day – I’m running around trying to make my first turkey dinner and play host to a large group of people in my tiny Toronto apartment.

Needless to say, stress levels were running pretty high.

As soon as guests began to arrive, opinions started to fly about what music choices should be made for the evening. Since it was in my abode, I immediately went to The Darcys‘ newest self-titled album.

In a room filled with various tastes in music, this was the perfect album to suit everyone’s preference. The Darcys is filled with tracks that are soft enough not to overpower a room and jar everyone’s ears, yet has the power behind each beat to warrant a “Who sings this song? I like it,” from more than one person.

The Toronto-based band is set release their album later this month, as the first of three new albums for newly-signed-to record label Arts & Crafts. If you don’t know The Darcys, they echo a shoegazer style – which is best described as having “space” within the music and a detachment from the audience (think Radiohead and Sigur Ros). In an era that looks down upon technology in rock music, The Darcys use the effects seamlessly throughout their album, making you question whether or not that guitar note was played by a computer.

The first volume of this trilogy is filled with atmospheric tracks, each individual with specific details in the music and lyrics. Song “100 Mile House” opens the album, building momentum with the swift beats and transitions into the following tracks on that same level. About halfway through, both “Edmonton To Purgatory” and “The Mountains Make Way” emerged as my favourites for their simplicity, and also added flourishes of eclectic sounds at the end of each song.

The album closes with tracks “I Will be Light” and “When I am New Again”, where the Darcys experiment dramatically with their sound, tempo and powerful beats. Both pieces stand away from the album for mixing heavier melodies with soft vocals–they close the album, literally, on a high note.

People don’t seem to sit down and really listen to an album just for fun anymore. For me, The Darcys changed that. This is the first album in quite awhile that held me (and a few of my dinner guests) the entire way through, and left us wanting more after the last note.

The Darcys will be having their album release party on November 18th at the Horseshoe.

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