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Published On November 13, 2011 | By admin | Featured Artists

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Are you a musician struggling to determine whether or not you should give up on your musical endeavor? Do you have a full time job, perhaps something in the field that you studied in college and are thinking you should just focus on that and maybe just play guitar as a hobby? We all wonder when it’s time to throw in the towel on our ‘real dreams’, when it’s time to grow up.

Eff that noise. Take a page out of The Archives book instead.

These Mississauga dwellers have taken on the Toronto music scene and made it their bitch. Founding members Anthony Menecola (bass, vocals) and Crispin Day (guitar) both have full time jobs that could support a comfortable living situation. But the admirable thing about these guys is their perseverance. Bottom line is that music makes them happy, so they’re going to keep doing it.

When faced with the circumstantial loss of both a guitarist and a drummer, it didn’t slow them down. They simply hit the ground running in search of two new members. Kevin White (drums) and Will Gooch were thrown into the mix and not soon after, this quartet has been rocking their way through a southern Ontario mini-tour. For a mere five dollars you could get a Tour EP and receive a t-shirt for free. Who doesn’t love free swag?

Their tunes are addictive and melodic. Vocals are raw and powerful, which is effectively juxtaposed by alt-rock style riffs. The constant change-ups in drumming are the hooks that can draw just about anyone in. It’s no wonder that these guys debuted to a packed house at The Silver Dollar.

The Archives Mini-Tour wraps in London on November 17th. But I’m sure with their high energy songs and ever growing number of Facebook ‘likes’ and followers on Twitter, we’ll be seeing more and more of these dudes real soon.

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