The Box Tiger

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Box Tiger

The Box Tiger is an interesting name for a band. It conjures up thoughts of an animal containing violent potential but boxed; trapped for some unknown reason. I think it’s a good name for this band. The indie/art rock band formed in 2009 is from Toronto’s northern suburbs.

Fronted by Sonia Sturino, The Box Tiger bring a sound that seems more mature than one would expect from their age. The band has hardly had time to mesh but the sound they produce is mature and confident in a way that reverberates with the listener and makes them want to hear more. Their confidence shows up again with the creative, unique rythym that Sonia employs during some of her singing. It’s risks like this that can break some songs, but seem to pay off well for this group.

The band’s maturity and Sonia’s stunning vocals are best displayed in “Feel it,” from their self-titled EP. Her vocals transcend the music itself and implant something unique in the ears of the listener. Sonia’s tidal vocal arrangement on “Comes and Goes” reveals the band’s pop-sensibilities (including a nifty breakdown/solo), but again, it is Sonia that shines in this song. As opposed to some indie rock where the guitar and the drums leads the listener to where the band wants to go, it is clear in The Box Tiger’s music that the vocals grab hold of the listener and dictate the journey.

One of the things that struck me about this band was their performance in Bellwoods Park. Not only was the videography incredibly well done, but the emotion conveyed through the simple set up of singer and guitar player. The simple, honest duo entrance the viewer and makes them want to see more. Furthermore, this video gives a preview of how this group may perform live. They are tight and well-rehearsed, but not methodical. They strike a fine balance between fresh and fluid, and overly-rehearsed.

Their recent self-titled EP is the physical personification of their name. A potentiality held back by nothing except time. Give The Box Tiger a few more years, more shows, and a few more releases, and this band will soon grow into their potential.

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