The City Streets Light Up The Underground

Published On April 8, 2010 | By admin | Live

Elvis Mondays at the Drake Underground has become a quintessential showcase for indie music in Toronto. On March 29th, the City Streets reminded us why.

The Canadian trio brought the sparse crowd to their feet with their sweet blend of folk/rock/pop. By the time they were halfway through their 6-song set, with “Mastodon” – arguably their biggest hit to date – many in the Underground’s audience were standing and clapping. But even those still sitting were at least tapping their feet and nodding along. Their performance was upbeat, with singer and guitarist Rick Reid’s clear voice floating freely through the Underground. Of course, Matt Leddy’s pulsating bass and Mark Chmilar’s rhythmic drums left as good an impression.

The band was just as fun to watch as they were to listen to. The boys not only seemed like bandmates, but great friends as well. Several times during the set, Reid and Leddy turned towards each other with their instruments, balancing chords and a seemingly spontaneous yet in-unison performance. What’s more, Leddy and Chmilar occasionally exchanged smiles and some banter during the set. But it was the music that drove this performance, and left the audience wanting more.

The City Streets ended an engaging set with “Burn Down the Churches.” By this point the band Vue Weekly calls “spectacular,” earned what is sure to be a small yet significant following in Toronto. They have two upcoming performances in Toronto: May 27th at the Horseshoe Tavern, and June 7th back at the Drake Hotel. Whether or not you’ve seen them perform, make an effort to attend at least one of these shows. Believe me, it’s worth it.


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