The Danger Bees – Wyatt

Published On October 9, 2012 | By Megan Oquias | Albums, Reviews

Wyatt, the latest full album release from Toronto based band The Danger Bees is filled with positive and reminiscent melodies, confident riffs, well thought out arrangements and meticulous choices that accent the tracks quite well. I’ve been listening to this album non-stop since it was sent to me. You can’t help but. There isn’t a single weak track in the bunch. In my opinion, song arrangement can be as important as production quality, and both are executed awesomely on this album.

The album hits the ground running with it’s first couple of tracks, “A Solid Plan For Future Happiness (No Girlfriends)” and “Plenty of Fish”, only to slow down by song 4, “Heartless Jane”. The build up in this beautiful track really takes your breath away. “Who’s Leading Me On” is wonderfully angry and relatable, while “Good Year”  just screams single potential with its amazingly catchy surf-rock melody that scales down into minor semitones.

If you haven’t looked into The Danger Bees before, I strongly suggest you do. The album can be found on iTunes, while select tracks can be streamed directly from the band’s website. Sidenote: I’m curious and excited to see what these cats are like live.

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