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Published On September 18, 2010 | By admin | Albums

Catchy riffs and foggy vocals lines are in abundance at the very beginning of The Meligrove Band‘s fourth release Shimmering Lights, and only increase as the LP progresses. The Toronto-based band have made yet another record of intense indie pop-rock, maintaining a creative blend of lo- and hi-fi elements in their production as well as synthesized and real instruments, resulting in an interesting collection of tracks.

Songs like the mid-track “White Like Lies,” in which understated lead vocalist Jason Nunes opens with the lines “I’m aware of my addiction so, I guess that I’m in charge of how it goes,” is a darker number on the record, but one of the album’s strongest moments. The syncopated percussive shuffling and authoritative chord progressions carried out on piano boldly accompany Nunes, and are only interrupted midway through the track for a brief chaotic break of electric distortion.

In contrast, upbeat tracks like “Halflight” and “Bones Attack!!” demonstrate The Meligrove Band’s talent for producing clean and simple indie rock. Their bright chord progressions and memorable choruses are in the same realm as past songs by the band like “Ages & Stages” featured on their last record Planets Conspire.

Shimmering Lights has its flaws, however. “Kingfisher” for instance, starts off as a decent pop track only to awkwardly transition into a brief, confusing phrase of overly distorted instrumentation and vocals which is never revisited for the rest of the track.

Nonetheless, a large portion of the record is comprised of quality pop-rock recordings, and whether their fourth release is an improvement in the trail of their body of work thus far, The Meligrove Band have at least demonstrated that they are still capable of mixing the simple nature of their songs with intriguing instrumental elements and memorable vocal lines, whether one can warm up to their occasional unconventional makeup or not.


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