The Junction Music Festival

This Weekend: Junction Music Festival

Published On September 19, 2013 | By Cristina Dirlea | Featured Artists

Saturday is fast approaching and bringing the Junction Music Festival. In its second year, this free event features an exciting line-up of bands with interesting stories tying them to the Junction. The event celebrates the roots and history of an area, where industrial converted living-spaces meet raw-food restaurants, mom-and-pop coffee shops, and reclaimed furniture stores. Quirky combination, you say? Then why not highlight and just go with it?

The diversity of this neighbourhood is reflected in the musical performers at this festival. From a mariachi band to Polaris Prize nominees, it also features a lot of small, local bands. For example, The Cautioneers will introduce you to a great brand of shoegaze rock, expertly delivered by talented musicians. Also not to be missed are Air Marshall Landing, whose music will hook you and make you dance, while the complex lyrics will challenge and entertain. Comfortable shoes are going to be a must, especially if you’re going to check out the “Balkan-Klezmer-Gypsy-Party-Punk Super-Band”, called Lemon Bucket Orkestra. It features more members than the number of words used to describe them, which will deliver a party you’ll never forget and will also make you comprehend how “Balkan-klemzer-etc” actually describes their musical style very well. And these bands are not even the headliners! I think I just convinced myself to go.

The Junction Music Festival will also feature yoga classes and face-painting, since it is a free all-ages event after all. The event website is extremely easy to navigate and makes planning a breeze, while also providing interesting info about the artists. My cowboy boots better survive this.

Festival Map & Schedule

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