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VIDEO: Brews Willis “Great Energy”

Published On April 15, 2014 | By Megan Oquias | Featured Artists, Features

Ok guys, I’m just gonna be straight up honest here: it has been for-effing-EVER since I’ve posted anything to The Take. First of all, I’m sorry: I haven’t forgotten you all, 2014 has just been a whirlwind. Where the shit did the time go?

ANYHOW! I’m getting off track.

Second of all: I’m so happy that the first thing that got me out of my lack of writing spiral was Brews Willis. Do you like surf rock? Do you like upbeat, catchy melodies and general badassery? Well then, these dudes are right up your alley.

I’ve binge listened to their tracks non-stop as of late. Their first album, Nerped by a Zercon, does a fantastic job of establishing the punk rock feel that these cats seem to convey via modernized surf-rock inspired riffs. Low-fi and laden with an attitude that makes me remember my punk-rock roots: two things I dig. Definitely put me in a summer mood – which is helpful given the fact that Mother Nature can’t seem to make up her damn mind as to what the weather should be.

This brings us to their latest EP: Great Energy. There is no denying that they upped the production quality on this one, but they definitely didn’t compromise any of the stylistic choices they established with the previous album. “Sneer” is a track that had my heart in the first 30 seconds. I definitely plan on keeping my eyes peeled for an opportunity to see Brews Willis live.

With the release of the EP comes a video for the title track “Great Energy“. Watch it below! The vid was directed by the bands drummer, Pare Bruce and produced by Plastik Films. In the video, we see band mates: Pare, Ross and Sammy, kickin’ it in a basement/jam space (sidebar: totally reminds me of the basement my first band ever used to jam in). If you get offended by drug use, playing instruments in a pool or using a PS3 controller like a drum kit, well, tough nuts square, this vid may not be for you.

Want a digital download code for the Great Energy EP? Stay tuned to The Take Media, we’ll be giving one away via Facebook and Twitter!





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